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Le Creuset Spatula
Credit: Le Creuset

Every so often, an item falls into your life that makes you wonder what you ever did without it. You wonder how you spent countless hours living a lie and making do with a lesser substitute. From Opalescence's toothpaste to the detergent from The Laundress or this face oil that made me learn what even skin tone really looks like, there are times where spending a little more or searching beyond the obvious options pays off.

This is how I feel about Le Creuset spatulas. For too long I used whatever flimsy option was reasonably priced at Target or included for free with some other piece of kitchen equipment. It wasn't until I reached for this wood-handled, concave silicone model (called the Craft Series Spatula Spoon) from the brand you likely associate more with technicolor Dutch Ovens that I saw the utensil light to paraphrase Hank Williams.

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While some spatulas are so rigid they miss nooks and crannies and others are so wiggly they trip over themselves, Le Creuset's fall perfectly in the middle. I can easily scoop out every last dollop of hummus in my food processor but it also squeegees out any sauce or browned butter in my cast iron skillet. Plus, the divot lets me transfer cornbread batter, sauteed veggies, or guacamole easily into other vessels. They're dishwasher safe, won't scratch your nonstick skillet, and look pretty standing in your utensil jar on the countertop.

A friend gave me a set of miniature ones, and I wildly underestimated how much I would use them. I now own a second set of them.

Le Creuset's newest collection incorporates different shapes that have, much like Liam Neeson in Taken, a particular set of skills like jar scraping. Depending on what tasks you find yourself struggling with in the kitchen most, they might be a worthwhile investment too. But, I can say confidently the Spatula Spoon has upped my cooking game just as much as my Dutch oven, which has been more than worth the $12 price tag.