Le Creuset's Signature Skillet Is a Worthwhile Investment Your Kitchen Will Appreciate

We can hear that sizzle already.

Le Creuset Signature Skillet
Photo: Le Creuset

There's something about a skillet sizzling away on the range. It has a certain homey appeal to it. In an instant, we're transported back to Mama's kitchen, spilling every last worry and concern as she validates, assures, and advises all the while slowly and methodically stirring away. Being the owner of a second or third generation skillet has its appeal—whether it's the decades of seasoning or the memories of meals shared drifting back each time it hits the burner. But for those of us who aren't the recipients of such a prized possession, all is not lost—especially if you can get your hands on one of Le Creuset's brightly colored beauties.

The Le Creuset Signature Skillet is a classic. You heard it here first. It comes in four sizes (6-1/3 inches, 9 inches, 10-1/4 inches, and 11-3/4 inches) and sixteen colors. Because the interior is enameled, it doesn't require the seasoning process involved with the more traditional raw cast-iron variety. You'll still be able to sear or fry to perfection thanks to the interior matte black enamel, but with a few benefits that make skillet cooking just a little bit less involved, starting and ending with the cleaning.

This is one skillet that is in fact safe for the dishwasher, though handwashing is recommended in order to prolong the finish and natural patina that'll arise through the inevitable years of use. The patina works similarly to cast-iron's seasoned coating. It adds flavor and dimension to dishes and is most assuredly not something you want to scrub into oblivion. The less scrubbing the better. The exterior coating can also wear more easily after repeated dishwasher use, so if you want to hold onto that fire-engine red color it's best to take it to the sink.

If you've had your eye on our Skillet Cornbread recipe, our Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, or even our famous Fried Chicken, this skillet is the ticket. The enamel is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees and works with a wide variety of cooking surfaces including gas, ceramic, and electric.

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Le Creuset's Signature Skillet comes along with a lifetime warranty but, just like any skillet, it will repay with you with plenty of years of good food and great memories if treated with care and all the family recipes fit to cook.

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