Le Creuset Just Launched a New Accessory That Makes Handling Hot Cast Iron Safe and Easy

The magnetic trivet seamlessly transports Dutch ovens from stove to table.

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Magnetic Wooden Trivet
Photo: Courtesy of Le Creuset

Known for its high-quality cast iron and stunning stoneware, Le Creuset is a staple among home cooks. The brand is constantly launching new colors, seasonal collections, and kitchen accessories. Its newest product release is a trivet with a unique feature that sets it apart from anything else on the market.

The Le Creuset Magnetic Wooden Trivet is a clever product that makes it easy to transfer cast iron pans from oven to table. It's made from acacia wood with a magnetic layer inside, so it can attach to your Dutch oven or skillet upon contact and stay connected as you carry it to your table. On top of the trivet are three silicone rings to provide a heat-resistant cushioned base to protect countertops and the trivet, and it allows for airflow at the base of the pot. One thing to note: While the trivet is heat-resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, the brand recommends to avoid setting it directly on a heat source.

Magnetic Wooden Trivet
Courtesy of Le Creuset

BUY IT: $50; lecreuset.com

Since all cast iron has magnetic properties, the trivet is compatible with cast iron of all brands. You can even use it with other metal cookware, as long as it has a magnetic layer—a good way to know is by checking whether your cookware works with induction stovetops.

Thanks to its beautiful and genius design that makes handling hot pans safe and easy, the trivet is sure to pop up in a myriad of wedding registries and wish lists this summer. It's even easy to care for with the occasional spot clean with a damp cloth.

Don't miss out on Le Creuset's newest accessory—head to its site to shop the magnetic trivet now for $50.

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