Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
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Over 6,000 Amazon Shoppers are Baking Their Way to Happiness With This Ingenious Rolling Pin

Say so-long to those embarrassing lopsided cookie doughs and oversized pie crusts. 
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If you've ever tried to roll homemade pie crust to a specific width or cookie dough to a particular height, you know that a good rolling pin is an essential kitchen tool for a baker to have on hand. A rolling pin will make baking easier by allowing you to produce evenly measured dough for breads, cookies, and pies. The good ones give you years of hard work, and can often turn into a family heirloom piece. When it comes to choosing one, it's important to purchase the rolling pin that will handle all of your baking needs. If rolling dough to the right size and thickness is a big concern for you, Joseph Joseph's Adjustable Rolling Pin is the one for you.

Here are the reasons why over 6,000 Amazon reviewers have become enamored with this rolling pin and have given it an average of 4.7 stars. This handy kitchen item includes four pairs of colorful, removable discs, which raise the rolling pin to the required thickness of 1/16-inch, 1/6-inch, 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch off the counter. This clever design will ensure that the pastry or dough is rolled to an even thickness throughout, so if your recipe calls for dough to be rolled to a ¼-inch thickness, you simply slip the ¼-inch disc onto the pin and roll your dough with confidence.

Etched into the wood of the rolling pin is a width measurement guide so you can make the dough as wide as needed. For example, when making Pam's Country Crust Bread, you are instructed to roll the dough into a 9-inch wide rectangle–and those handy markings on the rolling pin help ensure the sides of the rectangle are consistently even. 

Adjustable rolling pin
Credit: Amazon

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Reviewers love these features, with one confessing that "her cookies used to come out in different thicknesses and different degrees of doneness, now they are perfect every time." Another wrote that she always struggled with keeping a ruler handy so she could measure the width of her bread dough, but the measurement markings on the rolling pin means she doesn't have to go searching for the ruler any longer.