pastry board and rolling pin holder

This Pastry Board with a Rolling Pin Holder Makes Holiday Baking Easy as Pie

Say yes to less mess.
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As the holidays draw near, our kitchens become bona-fide bakeries. Home bakers churn out their beloved family dessert recipes, and you'll always find a classic pie among the favorites. From pumpkin to pecan, it's a dessert that is as versatile as it is delicious. But if you don't get the crust just right, it could make or break your recipe.

Making a good crust is not something we take lightly around here, and whether it's the perfect rolling pin to keep all the butter cold or some other handy tool, we'll do whatever it takes to achieve a buttery, flakey crust deserving of a place in that recipe box. So, when we discovered this JK Adams wooden pastry board with a handy rolling pin nook, you can bet we were sold.

This pastry board solves a major pain point for avid bakers: reigning in the runaway rolling pin. It's stress-inducing to chase the pin around with butter-covered hands, and even more so when it finally clatters to the floor in a shower of dusty flour. We need less work this holiday season, not more.

Made of close-grain, American maple hardwood, this pastry board has five engraved diameter markings for common pie sizes and rulers on the horizontal and vertical, so you can take the guesswork out of rolling the right shape. There's also a walnut cleat that braces the board to the counter, which prevents things from slipping and sliding as you work the dough. Plus, this is a board you can use all year long: The reverse side is a smooth surface that's great for other food prep.

Perhaps the most lauded feature would be the rolling pin nook notched in the corner of the board—no more runaway pins. Simply rest your rolling pin in the holder and work with assurance that there'll be less mess. Plus, working on the board will definitely save you the time scrubbing butter and flour off your countertops. What can we say? We need this in our tool kit. 'Tis the season to get baking!

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pastry board and rolling pin holder
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