This Carving Board Ensures You Don't Lose A Drop Of Turkey Drippings

You might need a bigger gravy boat...

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J.K. Adams carving board

I'll be honest: I show up to Thanksgiving and all other turkey holidays for the gravy. Sure, a good turkey is always appreciated, but what I really want is a mile-high pile of buttery potatoes dripping with gravy. Packaged gravy simply will not do—it has to be the real stuff made from pan drippings.

Catching all the turkey drippings in the roasting pan is easy enough. The serious problem always comes when it's time to carve the bird. Whether you're like my uncle, who happily whips out his mini chain saw, or you prefer the more traditional (and beautiful) carving set, you'll both run into the same dreaded thing: lost extra drippings. Not anymore, though, thanks to this J.K. Adams meat carving board.

Now, before you say you already have a wooden carving board or that the roasting pan does just fine, take a look. Not only does the juice groove hold up to a half cup of drippings, but it also has a divot to hold your bird in place. Playing slip 'n' slide with your turkey does not usually spell success. To make it even easier to maximize your potential gravy returns, you can even opt for the board with a pour spout.

J.K. Adams Carving Board

JK Adams Carving Board

Don't waste a drop of drippings while carving. This groove holds up to half a cup of liquid. Easily pour the collected turkey drippings back into the pan and turn it all into gravy. If you end up grabbing this (very handy) wooden carving board, you might need to consider upgrading the size of your gravy boat. You'll want to make sure you can hold every last drop, and nothing less.

In addition to ensuring there's plenty of gravy to go around, this meat carving board is made from sustainably harvested trees and is loved and praised by the likes of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated. Plus, the wood has a beautiful grain and will fit right in with all the other beloved Pyrex and holiday china—no need to pull out a serving platter if you don't want to.

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