Jennifer Garner Says This "Life-Changing" Tool Will "Reignite Your Love for Your Cast Iron"

Cast iron bliss can be yours for just $22.

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When the queen of humble home-cooking describes something as "life-changing," you better believe we're listening.

In a recent piece for New York Magazine, Jennifer Garner shared the 10 things she simply can't live without, including the scrubber she swears will "reignite your love for your cast iron."

Prior to her discovery of Knapp's Chainmail Scrubber (BUY: $21.99; Amazon) the mother-of-three admitted to harboring deep-seated anxiety about cleaning her cast iron. But thanks to this little doodad, she's now a cast iron pro.

"It is so hard to clean, but this takes care of it in a way you didn't know was possible," Garner explained. "Plus, it just keeps your sponge from getting gross."

Knapp Made CM Scrubber 6"x6" Small Ring Chainmail Scrubber

Knapp Chainmail Scrubber

The A-list actress also sang the praises of the chainmail scrubber in an interview with Good Morning America.

"I swear it changed my life 'cause now I use my cast iron skillet for everything," Garner said. "I always was just so confused about what a disaster it was trying to clean, and do you use soap or don't. Now, I really just scrub the bottom of it out, maybe oil it a little bit and I keep going."

And it's not just Garner. The Internet is full of love letters to this little scrubber.

In an article for The Kitchn, Rochelle Bilow couldn't say enough good things about it. "I could go on for pages about how much I love this thing, but I don't want to sound like an infomercial," she wrote.

Like Garner, it helped her love her cast iron again.

"This tool has turned a terrible task into an almost-pleasant ritual," Billow concluded. "It is the best kitchen purchase I have ever made."

Consider us sold!

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