If you love coffee and tea, read on.
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Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle
Credit: Instant Pot

On cold winter days, a warm cup of tea and a good book—we hope with a fire roaring in the background—is our fastest track to relaxation.

Now, what if we told you Instant Appliances, the maker of runaway hit, Instant Pot, has launched en electric kettle to make your fireside fantasies easier than ever? Well, we're happy to report teatime dreams really do come true and the Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle is now available on Amazon for $101.24. That may sound like a lot for a tea kettle, but for regular coffee-and-tea drinkers, you may find the price tag worth it for the machine's ease of use. (And if you regularly make oatmeal, you don't need us to tell you how convenient this spiffy kettle will make your life.)

As CNN Underscored recently put it in a review of the electric kettle, the ability to designate your desired water temperature on this appliance is a boon for beverage-making. "Coffee and teas all reach their optimal taste at a certain temperature (coffee for instance, is right around 205 degrees, while green tea is much lower, at around 170 degrees). Too hot, and the water can over extract the flavors, resulting in a bitter, unpleasant taste. Too cold, and the water won't be able to fully pull out the aromas and flavors in the tea leaves or ground beans," explains Banu Ibrahim in the review. "The Instant Pot Zen Kettle, however, can — à la Goldilocks — ensure that your H2O is just right, resulting in the best possible flavor for your herbal teas and home brewed coffee." Another bonus, as Ibrahim points out, is that the Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle has a real-time temperature display, so you know what the precise temperature is at any given moment.

The Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle also has other handy functions like a one-touch quick boil button and a vacuum-insulated double-wall design so water stays hot for up to two hours. For your safety, the electric kettle will also will shut off automatically to prevent the pitcher from boiling dry or overheating.

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Now, all we need is that crackling fire and the opportunity to set aside a few hours for ourselves on the couch to relax, read, and warm up with a delicious hot beverage. Teatime paradise, here we come.