The Secret Use for That Black Slot on the Bottom of Your Instant Pot

Only older models have this neat feature.

Instant Pot

Does summer make you a bit sad knowing you'll be relying more on your grill than your Instant Pot? Are you the one your friends turn to for soups and stews recipes? Do you consider your Instant Pot the ultimate kitchen hero?

Well, here's one thing even the most experienced of Instant Pot users may not know. That tiny black slot towards the base on older models of Instant Pot actually has a function. Can you guess what it does? We were scratching our heads, too. As The Kitchn reported, it's a handy shelf for your spoon.

A representative for Instant Pot shared with The Kitchn that the loop was in fact to hold spoons and keep mess away from the countertops but they ultimately ommitted it from newer models based on customer feedback.

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Well, now we know. Thank you to our friends at The Kitchn for making us wiser with this piece of intel. What's your favorite Instant Pot tip?

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