Perfect for summer porch-sitting, Sunday suppers, and fall tailgates. 
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Classic Sweet Tea
Credit: Southern Living

Southerners love to come together for a family dinner around the table, which always involves good company and plates piled high with dishes like chicken and dumplings, green bean casserole, buttermilk biscuits, and more classics—all to be washed down with a pitcher of cold sweet tea. And when it comes to serving sweet tea or any other sort of Southern beverage or cocktail, lukewarm is nothing less than an abomination. We're not here to drink a mug of warm chamomile, after all; but we will show up for a tall glass of iced tea to go with any gathering, from porch-sitting to Sunday dinner. 

All that family and all of those refreshments can take a toll on your refrigerator's little ice maker. And for any Southern hostess, being caught without ice is like being seen at the grocery store with sopping wet hair wearing socks with flip-flops. Not an option. What's to do? Well, you can eliminate any stress about running low on ice ever again by investing in a countertop ice maker machine that you can take from the kitchen to the tailgate to the cookout. 

If you want something dependable, it's best to go with the ultimate best-selling basic: the Igloo Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker. Compact enough to be placed anywhere in the house or at the party without being much of a nuisance, this ice maker machine is able to produce 26 pounds of ice in a day, making the first batch in just minutes. Keep it going all day to ensure that no tea glass goes empty on ice cubes, even when you're hosting a crowd. 

This small investment has been known to save a Southern hostess on countless occasions, particularly when company stays longer than expected or when beverage service is an hours-long affair. We're a gracious bunch, and a fun one, too. Social time doesn't get confined to any schedule. If you like ice-cold drinks and to be prepared at all times, this portable ice maker is perfect. You can shop it here!

From porch cocktails to Southern-style sweet tea, we'll always be big fans of a cool refreshment.