The Best Way To Store Fresh Herbs

Say goodbye to sad, wilted herbs.

Southerners love cooking with fragrant and fresh herbs. Whether you pick them up at your local farmer's market, swing by the grocery store, or grow them yourself, adding an assortment of fresh herbs to a tried-and-true dish instantly elevates the meal. There's nothing quite like pan-seared shrimp adorned with cilantro, summer hot dogs complete with fresh parsley relish, and picnic chicken salad flavored with aromatic dill. But what happens when your once-fresh herbs wilt, dry, or go limp after just a few days? Have you ever wondered how to store herbs properly? Fear not. We've got a quick and easy method that's sure to keep your herbs bright, fresh, and ready to enjoy.

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First things first: be sure to remove the plastic grocery store bag and wash the herbs. Simply run the tasty ingredients under cool water and dry them thoroughly – this will ensure they are clean and ready for use. Make sure to dry the herbs completely to be sure any excess water is removed.

For soft herbs, like cilantro and parsley that have a stem end, use a damp paper towel to wrap around the stem. Secure it with a rubber band, and store them at room temperature in a Ziplock bag.

Herbs that usually come in a plastic container, like chives and dill, are a bit different. Wrap these in a damp paper towel before storing them in the warmest part of the refrigerator, such as one of the sections in the door. Change the paper towel out every three days to ensure the it stays damp. This method keeps the herbs at the proper level of moisture. If done properly, they will remain fresh for two to three weeks.

Of course, if you're worried the herbs you purchased are going to waste, you can always freeze them! It's the next best thing to fresh herbs. Follow this simple method for ready-to-eat fresh herbs.

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