How to Roll a Burrito Like a Pro

You may not have been born with the gift, but learn this easy rolling technique and you will soon be a certified burrito-meister.

A perfectly rolled burrito is nothing less than a work of art. So many appetizing ingredients and textures tightly bound inside a soft, warm tortilla package. The presentation of a burrito is just as important as what goes in it, so it is crucial to your reputation as a culinary wizard and proper Southern hostess to learn how to roll a burrito that won't split apart in the hands of your guest. Whether you are rolling a freezer-friendly breakfast burrito loaded with potato tots, sausage, eggs and cheese or want to make a batch of traditional burritos filled with spiced ground beef, corn, and black beans, and guacamole, learn this easy technique on how to roll a burrito.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos

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You Have to Build Before You Can Roll

It stands to reason that before you can wrap your burrito you have to build it. For a burrito worthy of bragging rights, you can't just haphazardly pile ingredients onto a cold flour tortilla. First, make sure you don't overload your tortilla with filling. A good rule of thumb is for the tortilla to be twice as big as the contents you put in it, meaning that when you fold the tortilla in half, with the contents inside, both ends will touch each other with room to spare.

It is important to put warm moisture in the tortilla, making it pliable and easy to work with. To add moisture, simply place the tortilla on a plate in the microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds.

Now for layering the ingredients. It is best to start with rice or potatoes–something that will work as a barrier between the juicier ingredients and the tortilla. Next, add your warm ingredients, whether it be scrambled eggs, ground beef, pulled pork, beans, etc., then your cold ingredients, such as shredded cheese, lettuce, or guacamole. Now you are ready to roll.

How to Roll a Burrito

Once you have all the fillings in place in the center of the tortilla, pull the bottom half of the burrito over the filling to meet the top half. Then, pull the bottom half (along with the filling) back. This pocket will form the filling into a roll.

Next, fold one side inward, and then the other side. Don't pull too hard on the ends of the flaps as you bring them to the center, or you might rip the tortilla.

At this point your burrito will look like an envelope with an open flap. With both sides folded, tightly roll your tortilla forward making a cylindrical shape. Let the burrito rest on top of the last flap for a minute; this helps fuse the ends of the moist tortilla together so they stick together and close any open seams.

Your last step, wrapping the burrito in foil, accomplishes three things: It provides insulation to keep the burrito warm; it keeps the burrito compact and neat, and it acts as a wrap for the person eating the burrito, helping to keep it together.

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