How To Fold in Meringue for Light and Fluffy Desserts

This delicate technique is the key to making delicious desserts.

What is it about meringue that makes it so delicious? It could be the mile-high fluff or the delicate, airy texture. But the art of making meringue is no easy task, it requires skilled knowledge of 'folding', which, in short, is the art of folding lighter batter into a heavier batter. This technique most commonly uses whipped cream or meringue to make a light, fluffy cake batter. Unlike the typical practice of stirring, folding is a delicate process that allows the batter to keep its gentle shape without deflating the air out of the lighter ingredient. Whipped cream or meringue is fundamental in creating a dessert that is extra fluffy. This folding technique can be used to infuse other flavors into the whipped cream, such as fresh berries, or to incorporate it into a batter, like Angel Food Cake or macarons.

How To Fold Meringue In

Don't let this task intimidate you–it can be successfully completed in just a few steps. Keep in mind: Gentleness is key when it comes to folding meringue.

  1. Have your lighter and heavier batter side by side. Take a small amount of the light ingredient (meringue) and whisk it into the heavier batter.
  2. Working in three or so batches, take your spatula and cut down the center of the batter (hitting the bottom of the mixing bowl.) Then scooping from the bottom of the bowl, gently fold the mixture in (scrap spatula along the curve of the bowl) and rotate the bowl until the lighter ingredient is fully incorporated into the heavier batter.

Be careful not to over mix the batter, which will knock the air out of your meringue and will result in a flat batter. With these simple steps, you'll be able to list this artisanal skill in your kitchen expertise arsenal, along with other helpful tips like Creative Ways To Crimp a Pie Crust.

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