Here's How To Clean Sticky Dough Off Your Hands, According to the Pros

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The professional pastry chefs who spend their days elbow-deep in bread dough and pie crusts have a nifty trick to get the dough off their hands and you'll definitely want to try it.

The next time you whip up a batch of cinnamon buns or icebox dinner rolls and find your hands covered in flour and dough both seemingly hopelessly glued to your hands, don't stick them under the faucet or wipe them off on a towel. Instead, try this trick that a reporter at Serious Eats picked up from master baker Eric Kayser, the creative mind behind the Maison Kayser chain, and decided to share with at-home chefs who have a bake sale to fill.

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Here's the secret of bread-making pros: Instead of trying to wipe sticky dough off with soap and water, just grab a handful of dry flour and rub it back and forth on your hands. The dry flour absorbs the excess liquid in the dough, and the whole mess comes right off your hands. After the flour-filled rubdown, rinse your hands in the sink, and your hands will be clean and ready to move on to the next task.

While some home chefs undoubtedly were taught this trick by their grandmothers and will shrug at those of us who have spent years of our lives picking soggy dough off our fingers and palms after trying to wash our biscuit dough-covered hands in the kitchen sink, this will be a game changer.

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