Yes, an ordinary onion.

Hallelujah! It's grilling season, y'all!

Unfortunately, nothing takes the joy out of juicy meats cooking away over a bed of hot charcoals like knowing you have to scrub the grill later. It's a messy and labor-intensive process, not to mention the fact that most traditional grill cleaners are toxic and stinky.

So what if we told you that there was a super cheap, non-toxic alternative that's already sitting in your kitchen?

Save your back and your Brillo pads by using an onion—yes, an ordinary onion–to clean that nasty grill. Simply scrub a halved onion faced downwards on a heated grate to remove built up grime and grit. It's best to get the grill super hot first to burn off any remaining food. Next, rub it hard with an onion stuck on the end of a long grilling fork. For extra gunk-fighting power, spray the grates with lemon juice or our old friend white vinegar first. The extra acidity helps with the cleaning process.

Not only do onions have natural antibacterial properties, but if you're cooking with charcoal, you can throw into right in the coals when you're finished to add flavor to whatever you're grilling.