Hot Dog Cooker
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This Hot Dog Cooker Is the Ultimate Summer Cookout Shortcut—Seriously, It Even Toasts the Buns

Well, hot diggity dog. Who’s got the relish?
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All it takes is one whiff of a hot dog to take us back to fond memories of summertime cookouts by the pool, afternoons at the ballpark, or s'mores nights around the campfire. Hot dogs are humble and happy, and you really don't need to make them complicated in order to enjoy. A squirt of ketchup and mustard, or perhaps a slathering of chili and cheese, is really all you need. And now, you don't even have to crank up the grill or light the bonfire to have yourself a round of juicy ballpark dogs, thanks to this hot dog cooker that's gone silly on Amazon with over 9,000 reviews.

Amazon Nostalgia Hot Dog Cooker
Credit: Amazon

The real kicker with this hot dog cooker—which appears very similar to a retro red toaster—is that it's multi-functional. Not only can you cook your hot dogs perfectly warm in the middle and broiled on the outside, but you can throw your buns in the cooker at the same time to get them nice and toasty brown. In just minutes, both the hot dogs and the buns are ready to go at the same time. While they're cooking, grab the condiments and potato salad, and you're ready to go sit on the porch with a plate and your Arnold Palmer.

With over 9,000 shoppers having reviewed the hot dog cooker, many regale that toasting hot dogs, rather than microwaving or boiling, tastes much better. Therefore, for those who don't have access to a grill or would rather not spend time waiting for the grill to heat up, it makes a handy countertop kitchen appliance. Shoppers even note putting other items in the cooker like chicken sausages for breakfast time. Really, it's not the wurst idea we've heard. (Get it?)

So, if you've been searching for more opportunities to break out the brats and buns, consider this your call-to-action. It's barbecue season, after all. Shop the hot dog cooker below.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster
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Nostalgia Pop-Up Two Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

This toasting device has room to warm two hot dogs and buns at the same time. You can adjust the timer to match your preference, and the included cage and tongs ensure you won't burn your fingertips when removing them from the toasting device.

BUY IT: $24.99;

Amazon Nostalgia Hot Dog Cooker
Credit: Amazon

Nostalgia Pop-Up Four Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

If you're going to need a lot more than two hot dogs at a time, invest in this version that can make four hot dogs and buns at the same time.

BUY IT: $39.99;