Best Honey Pots with Dippers

5 Honey Pots That Are the Sweetest Way To Store Fresh Honey

Complete with charming dippers.
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Honey serves so many functions in the kitchen that it earns its keep and then some, from topping off your oatmeal to stirring in your hot tea to sweetening up all sorts of savory recipes. Let's not forget about drizzling over a biscuit! So, why not give it the cozy storage situation that it deserves?

Honey pots are certainly not new, but they've recently been seeing a bit of a resurgence. Not only does a honey pot store your fresh honey in a safe, easily accessible way, but it also looks extra charming on the counter or when serving company. Plus, the honeycomb dippers allow you to dole out honey with more control and less mess. We've rounded up the shopper-loved Le Creuset honey holder (hint: it's quite the cheery color), a bear-shaped honey pot, clear honey pots that show off your prize comb, and more.

Here are 5 favorite honey pots with dippers to shop now.

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Best Honey Pots with Dippers
Credit: Le Creuset

Le Creuset Honey Pot

This enamel-glazed stoneware honey pot is decorated with a honeybee and Le Creuset's signature bands. It comes in two colors: bright bee yellow and soft white. This honey pot makes a wonderful gift. 


Best Honey Pots with Dippers
Credit: Crate & Barrel

Beehive Glass Honey Pot with Wood Dipper

Keep with the theme with a honey pot shaped like a beehive. The clear glass lets you display your finest wildflower honey. 

BUY IT: $10.95;

Best Honey Pots with Dippers
Credit: Target

Stoneware Honey Pot with Acacia Wood Dipper and Lid

This ceramic honey pot is fitting for a rustic farmhouse style and stamped with the word "honey," to ensure everyone can find it. 

BUY IT: $9.99;

Best Honey Pots with Dippers
Credit: Anthropologie

Floral Bear Honey Pot

This floral-printed bear offers the sweetest way to accessorize fresh honey. It even holds the wooden dipper for you! 

BUY IT: $20;

Best Honey Pots with Dippers
Credit: CB2

Swarm Glass Honey Pot

Perfect for more modern or minimalist kitchens, this glass honey pot comes complete with a natural beechwood dipper that's perfect for drizzling honey on biscuits or adding to tea.

BUY IT: $8.95;