Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Declare These The Best Extra-Long Oven Mitts for Use in the Kitchen

A standard potholder may protect your hands but what about those forearms?

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HOMWE Oven Mitts
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Have you found yourself knee deep in flour and yeast this past year, just one of the many willing and active participants in the renewed nation-wide interest in bread baking? I raise my hand. And after reaching into the hot oven to retrieve a pan of bread, have you found yourself nursing burns on your hands and forearms? I raise my hand to that, too. Traditional-size quilted potholders may be all you need when handling a skillet on the stovetop but, when manipulating oven racks, removing heavy cast iron Dutch ovens, or pulling a pork butt off the intense heat of a smoker, your forearms also need protecting. It is easy to understand why thousands of Amazon shoppers, home cooks, and bakers just like you, consistently give these HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt rave reviews. (Over 13,000 5-star reviews, in fact.)

Protective Silicone on Both Sides

Some oven gloves have silicone on just the palm side, but these extra-long mitts have protective silicone on both sides. One reviewer commented that many protective gloves she has purchased in the past cracked and wound up burning her hands, but these are well made and have kept her hands and arms safe. Besides being heat-proof, the silicone exterior of this oven mitt has the best grip and it's flexible and easy to maneuver, thanks to its non-skidding textured palm, while the soft polyester-cotton lining adds an extra protection and comfort layer.

Larger Size Protects Hands and Arms

At 14.7" inches long, these colorful oven mitts better protect fingers, hands, and wrists from burns. The longer wrist protection keeps you guarded and protected from fingertip to way beyond your wrist. A reviewer wrote that "the long cuffs have burn lines marking where they've protected my arms from hot electric broiler elements, but the double-lined canvas cuffs are still intact and fully useable."


Unlike cotton potholders and oven mitts, these silicone oven mitts won't absorb liquids. The silicone part of the glove is entirely waterproof, and they prevent steam scalds while cooking on the stovetop or draining boiled pasta for that weeknight pasta bake. You can even use it to retrieve items from hot water–perfect for when you are using a water bath canner to make jams, pickles, and canning fruits and vegetables.

Heat-Resistant and Flame Retardant

The Grill Master in your family deserves a pair of these extra-long oven gloves, so buy an extra pair to stash with the grilling tools. Offering protection up to 450°F, these gloves will spare forearms from burns that can occur when pulling meat off the grill or during an unexpected grill flare-up. They will not catch fire or melt when used near a flame.

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