Why You Should Always Buy This Pantry Staple at HomeGoods

The most underrated section at our favorite home decor store has some of the best products you didn't know you were missing.

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It's no secret that HomeGoods holds a special place in our hearts. From an ever-changing selection of pillows and decor to amazing deals on high-end cookware, the home store is a dream for first-time homeowners and seasoned decorators alike. But the one section at HomeGoods you might be overlooking actually has some of the best deals on delicious products you didn't know you were missing. We're talking about the grocery section, of course.

You might normally steer clear of HomeGood's grocery section for a variety of reasons—not least of which being that it might seem a little odd to buy perishables at a store where you're also buying duvet covers—but we're here to say that you really ought to check out the pantry aisles the next time you stop in HomeGoods. From high-end olive oil and coffee grounds to unique spices and desserts, the edible selection at HomeGoods is as good and interesting as the other sections in the store, and can spice up (quite literally) your weekly grocery shopping. But the one pantry staple you should always buy at HomeGoods? Their imported pasta. We're talking small batches of handmade pasta from Italy. If you don't think you need fancy Italian pasta in your life, we're betting you've never had fancy Italian pasta in your mouth.

These imported pastas come from small producers whose as-close-to-homemade-as-you'll-get-in-a-store pastas have an amazing texture that better allows it to soak up sauce. And their slow drying process also helps retain the flavor of the pasta itself. Yes, the small bags of noodles that come in all kinds of fun shapes are more expensive than the jumbo pack you can buy at Sam's, but these will certainly be cheaper than the same quality you'd find at a gourmet market or an organic grocery store like Whole Foods. Use it as an opportunity to elevate a special occasion dinner or just to liven up family pasta night. You can also grab a jar of delicious imported sauce while you're in the store.

Just like they do with their home decor, HomeGoods intentionally stocks its stores with small batches of food products that sell quickly. So it's unlikely any perishable items have been sitting on the shelves past their prime, if that's what's been keeping you from exploring the pantry section. According to the HomeGoods website, "The average HomeGoods store receives several deliveries per week, with each delivery containing thousands of items. Our rapidly changing assortments create that 'treasure hunt' shopping experience that our customers love." So if you see something you like, grab it while you can. It's likely that exact product won't be restocked any time soon, if ever again. But we do know there will always be yummy pasta worth adding to your cart whenever you stop by.

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