The surprising trick has been right under our nose all along.
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Credit: Erik Dreyer/Getty Images

The journey of a thousand meals begins with a single meal prep.

And while countless Southerners make use of their ever-handy tupperware collection, we regret to inform you, you've been doing it all wrong. As a recent Reddit thread revealed, the small circle on your tupperware lid actually serves a pretty genius purpose.

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The use for this circle? It serves as a mini lid for other vessels. You may have simply assumed the indent was for neat stacking. Or perhaps simply an aesthetic choice. But the groove actually allows you to enclose another, smaller piece of tupperware within your storage unit. Leftover nachos? Use the mini lid to snap in a few scoops of guac. Take your salad to work day? Conveniently store that honey vinaigrette so your greens don't get soggy. Don't want your applesauce to lie on top of your pork chops for all that time? Ah, but of course.

Worth noting: The smaller vessel is only sold with this Glad To Go container, but it can snap into any other Gladware container (except for the Mini Rounds).

Why didn't we think of this sooner, y'all?