Your morning scramble needs an upgrade.
Happy Egg Co
Credit: Happy Egg Co.

If the main decision you make when buying eggs at the grocery store is between white or brown, let us show you a whole new world. Much like a well-fitting swimsuit or a great vacuum cleaner, a dozen eggs from free-range chickens can be a life-changing purchase that makes it impossible to go back, in this case, to the styrofoam carton.

What's so special about free-range eggs? Are they anything except more expensive? Free-range eggs come from chickens who have room to roam around and do what chickens do compared to hens that are kept in cages. Even cage-free hens only have around 1.5 square feet to move about. Free-range chickens kept in pastures, who also produce eggs sold as "pastured," can do all the things that chickens are meant to do.

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Rogersville, Arkansas-based Happy Egg Co. lets their chickens raised on their farms dotted throughout Arkansas and Missouri have over 8 acres to forage, perch, and even take a dust bath. The result is eggs with bright marigold yolks and a more pronounced taste that you'll notice whether you devil them, make salad, or soft boil them for your breakfast. Their heritage breed light blue and brown eggs have yolks that are even more intense in color—a deep orange that makes any dish look more impressive.

But the best part about Happy Egg Co. eggs is that they're widely available at Publix and Kroger supermarkets across the South, which means finding a high quality ingredient doesn't require a special trip either.