Grocery list: all the avocados and chips, please.
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Guac-Lock Container
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Much like wishing doughnuts had the same nutritional value as a bag of kale, hoping a batch of freshly made guacamole will stay fresh and green in the refrigerator for longer than a couple hours falls into the category of things that always set us up for disappointment. As soon as air hits an avocado, though, you're toast. Enzymes react and start turning your lovely bowl of lime juice-laden guacamole brown faster than you can go grab another bag of chips. 

Of course, there are tricks to helping fight the uphill battle, like covering the top of the guacamole with a thin layer of water to prevent air from penetrating the surface and covering as close as possible with cling wrap; but these techniques are finicky at best. And so the search continued until we found a much easier alternative: the Casabella Guac-Lock Container

Skeptical of the promise to keep fresh guacamole from turning brown for at least 24 to 36 hours, we turned straight to the reviews and were pleasantly surprised by how many people dubbed it a total game-changer for chronic guac lovers or frequent hostesses who love making a dip ahead of time. Simply put your guacamole into the container, smooth the top until even as a level (this is important to ensure there is no room for air to sneak in), release any air using the "elevator" feature at the base, and lock the seal until ready to serve or snack. 

One ecstatic shopper says, "I'm happy to report that the Guac-Lock completely lived up to my expectations. Truth be told, it works even better than I expected it to. I made a batch of guac a week ago. Two or three times during the week, I unlocked it, dipped a chip or two and then re-locked it. After a week, the guacamole is as fresh as if I made it this morning." 

Others claim that when done correctly, their guacamole can last up to a week with minimal browning, which occurs mainly around the top layer's edges. You can easily remove any small brown spots and enjoy the rest of the batch. To be extra safe, tap the container a couple times after leveling the guacamole to ensure no air bubbles are trapped inside and to help ensure the surface is even. (Shop the Guac-Lock: $17.50;

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Guacamole is one of the most crowd-pleasing dips out there, and it just got a whole lot more low maintenance.