You're About To Save So Much Time with Curbside Pickup at These Southern Grocery Stores

Does it even count as running errands?

There's nothing like moseying around our local big-box and grocery stores. Whether we're running our weekly errands or picking up something for dinner, the aisles are as fit for gossip as Sundays after church. That said, there's also nothing like curbside pickup—cruising into a parking spot and having everything you want delivered to the trunk leaves more time for the important things in life, like flipping through a magazine while on the phone with Mama. We've rounded up seven stores in the South that will save you hours every week with their curbside pickup programs. After all, time is money—and what Southern woman doesn't love a bargain?

Harris Teeter grocery store
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Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is one-of-a-kind, just like its curbside pickup program, ExpressLane. The biggest thing to remember? There are different service fees depending on how much you buy. Pickup orders between $25 and $50 for $4.95, orders between $50 and $99.99 for $2.95, and $100+ orders for free. If that's too much to keep track of (and/or you want exclusive offers), you can purchase a monthly subscription for $16.95 or a yearly one for $99.95. Heads up that if you're paying with a Harris Teeter Charge Card or EBT, you'll need to visit the Customer Service Desk inside to check out.


From the iconic subs to the customer service, there's no place like Publix. To take advantage of their curbside pickup, first head over to the Publix website and place your order for a minimum of $10. Don't see something you want? Just input a special request before you check out and select your pickup time. Before you leave the house, you can use their app to notify the store that you're on your way and minimize the wait, or call the number listed at the curbside parking spot. FYI: Because curbside pickup is powered by Instacart, prices are higher than what you'll see in-store to account for service fees.

Food Lion

Just $1.99 to pick up a $35 minimum order from Food Lion is a small price to pay for great service. While ordering, you're able to list any special requests as well as your desired pickup time. Forget something? As long as you add it four hours minimum prior to pickup, you're covered. You'll be updated once the shopping begins and as needed (like for substitution approval). And finally, while you should aim to pick up your order on time, they'll hold it for you until the end of the day before calling to reschedule.


We all know how a trip to Target goes: you pop in for a couple of essentials and leave with everything but them. Insert Drive Up. Order only what you need online and then pick it up at your convenience within three days. The best part? It's free no matter what. More perks: You can choose substitutions for your order in case something is sold out, and it will be ready within two hours. If you're in a rush, remember to check in on their app before you leave so they can be ready for your arrival.


If you're a planner, you're going to love Kroger's curbside pickup program. At Kroger, you can schedule a pickup order up to seven days in advance with a one-hour pickup window. Before checking out, you can also leave special requests like whether you allow substitutions. Make sure your order is $35 minimum, or you'll have to pay the $4.95 service fee. Once it's time, let their app know when you're 15 minutes or less away so they can get ready for you. When you get there, all you have to do is pull up into one of the pickup parking spots and follow the instructions. Make sure to add the pickup day to your calendar, as orders not picked up by the end of the day will be restocked. Pro tip: To beat the rush, arrive in the middle of your time slot.


Texans, this one's for you. In 2021, H-E-B was named the best in online ordering and curbside pickup (after being named the best grocery retailer in 2020), which is no surprise considering their classic Texas service prioritizing accuracy and communication. When placing your order online, you're able to schedule a pickup time that works for you. After you arrive and park in one of the designated curbside pickup spots, all you have to do is text the number on the sign and they'll bring your groceries to your car for free. Note: If you miss your pickup time, your order will only be held until the end of the day. After that, your personal shopper will call to reschedule the pickup.


Another national chain we can't get enough of: Walmart. While the retailer is often considered synonymous with Target, and also offers free curbside pickup that you can check in for in advance on their app, there's three key differences to the program. The first is how they handle substitutions—at Walmart, you can't select any specific substitutions, but you can decide which products you would and wouldn't want substitutions for. If something is sold out, you'll be sent an email to confirm or decline their recommendation. You're also able to select a pickup time, though if you miss it, your order will be held for seven days before being canceled.

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