You Need This Tool for Grilling Season and Beyond

These claws are the triple threat your kitchen needs right now.

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Summer is upon us. You know what that means: barbecue, y'all, and lots of it. Long days and longer weekends call for dinners straight from the grill and midsummer parties with all the neighbors. We're dusting off the grill (which has been hibernating patiently all winter), and soon, we'll be lighting it up to grill some tender, flavorful, fall-off-the-bone meats. In preparation for grilling season, we've been unboxing our tried and true tools—basting wand for sauces, check; meat thermometer, check—but we realized that we'd forgotten one important tool. Or perhaps we should say tools, because these come in pairs.

The tool in question is a pair of barbecue shredders. Not just any barbecue shredders, though. Forget the plastic ones that break in half or splinter or lose tines when faced with a slab of tender meat. We're not talking about those. We're talking about these Akcook BBQ Shredders that you can find on Amazon.

You may be thinking, "Can't I just use a fork and knife to shred my barbecue?" Put the fork and knife away, my friend. They won't do the job like these will. If you want to pull your own pork like a professional, you need these barbecue shredders. These help you pull pork (and everything else from the grill) while also keeping your hands clean, and that's a win in our book.

These barbecue shredders are lightweight and sturdy. Elegant, even. They're made from solid beechwood, which means they're BPA-free and won't melt into your steaming barbecue. Plus, they're pretty enough to double as salad servers or for plating pasta. A true kitchen triple threat if we've ever seen one—and at only $12.99, they're a steal. These will become a go-to in your kitchen because they're so multi-use. Barbecue, salads, apps, entrees—you'll use them for preparing and serving everything, not only because they're so convenient, but also because they look so good. This pretty pair of handled claws look just as stylish tucked in a bed of green lettuce as they do when they're resting on your heaping platter of pulled pork. They're super streamlined—nothing extraneous or fussy needed here.

Shredding barbecue with this tool may make you feel like you have bear claws—which is precisely why these are often called bear claws. They actually may be our second favorite bear claw (after the sugar-dusted, almond-sprinkled pastry of the same name), but they are one of our first favorite grilling tools, definitely a must for summer and beyond. The best part is that you can use them year round in every corner of the kitchen. It is a grilling tool that just gives and gives. (We can't say the same of our meat thermometer, though it does get a good workout during grilling season.)

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