This Genius $10 Product Prevents Your Kitchen Sink from Clogging

It banishes odors, too.

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You on Monday: Hmmm, the kitchen sink is draining a little slowly. You on Thursday: Hmmm, it's still not draining right. You on Saturday: Hmmm, the kitchen sink is draining even slower, but it's the weekend so I guess I'll wait until Monday to deal with it.

You three weeks later: Okay, I REALLY have to call the plumber now. What if there were a better way to deal with the nuisance and expense of unclogging your kitchen drain?

According to The Kitchn, one affordable item, available for under $10 on Amazon can save you from dealing with this hassle in the first place. As the article's author Ashley Poskin explains, drain deodorizing sticks can work wonders. "They're designed to clean and deodorize drain lines with slow-dissolving enzymes, which eat away and dissolve all the gross stuff that goes down your drain (like fat and grease!) and gunks up the pipes," Poskin writes. "Because they're slow dissolving, they work all month long, keeping the drain moving along and those weird smells at bay."

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Her go-to brand is Green Gobbler BIO-Flow Drain Strips, which currently sell on Amazon for $9.99 for 24 strips and Poskin recommends dropping one into the sink on the first day of each month. As Poskin notes, it's worth remembering that "these sticks should be used more as a preventative measure than a reactive one" and if your sink is already severely clogged, it's probably best to enlist the help of a professional.

So go ahead — no excuses — start this smart "sink hygiene" habit now while spring cleaning season is in full swing and thank us later.

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