Because how annoying is it to peel a price tag off of a dish and leave all that sticky, messy residue behind?
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Stack of Plates
Credit: Cheng/Getty Images

You know the feeling. A brand new stack of plates ready to roll and rotate into your kitchen arsenal.

Yet, that pesky price tag sticker won't cleanly come off, or heck, it will barely come off at all. What to do? Rather than try to peel and pry at the stubborn label relentlessly, it turns out there's a better way. Say hello to Goo Gone ($7.26 on Amazon) which removes stickers, labels, residue, crayon, tape, and even chewing gum and grease tar thanks to its powerful formula. Available in a handy eight-ounce jar, the Amazon's Choice product has 1,138 five-star reviews as of this writing.

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"As an adult, Goo Gone has been a lifesaver in the kitchen on more than one occasion. When I moved into my first apartment, I went through almost half a bottle removing stickers from new plates, à la carte silverware, and cups," writes Allison Russo for Apartment Therapy. "And I've since used many additional bottles (although a little bit really does go a long way)," she continues, adding that it's particularly handy on products from stores like Marshalls and HomeGoods, which slaps such stickers across many of their products.

Worth a warning: Once you get into a groove with Goo Gone, you may very well be disappointed when your next kitchen or home decor purchase doesn't have a sticker on it.