These $13 Coffee Spoons from Amazon Bring Me So Much Joy I Wish I'd Bought Them Sooner

They're pretty and practical.

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Sweejar Gold Coffee Spoon on Cup

To be honest, my initial reason for buying a cute set of gold coffee spoons was because of how pretty they are. It's not like I really needed special spoons to sit on my bar cart turned coffee cart. However, once I started seeing influencers post pretty little gold spoons next to their coffee pot, I couldn't get them out of my head. After deciding it was time to purchase some, I opened up my Amazon app and with just a few clicks ordered the Sweejar Gold Espresso Spoons in a set of 6 to be delivered to my door in just a few days.

While my reason for ordering the spoons initially was purely for looks, I've come to love them for how practical they are as well. I reach for one of the small gold spoons every morning to mix my creamer into my coffee. They've become a solidified step in my morning routine. For whatever reason, I used to grab a spoon from the drawer, stir my coffee, and then toss it into the sink to wash later. Thus, the spoons were always dwindling from my silverware drawer. Now, I simply use the spoon, rinse it, and set it out to dry before returning it to its rightful spot on the coffee cart.

When I was trying to decide which gold spoons to order, in addition to the great price point, the customer reviews are what sold me on this particular set. One reviewer shared, "Pictures don't do these justice. I was very pleased with these when I got them. They're solid and pretty little spoons. The perfect little touch for my kitchen." Another said, "I'm obsessed with these spoons and get so many compliments on them whenever I have them out for people. I not only use them as espresso/coffee spoons, but I use them for condiment scoopers when I have little things like parmesan cheese in a tiny bowl and toppings like onions and cilantro for taco parties."

So, in addition to brining me joy each morning when I see them sitting in a small glass vase on my coffee cart, the Sweejar Gold Espresso Spoons have also helped my cut back on dishes in the sink. An unexpected win-win in my book.

Sweejar Gold Espresso Spoons

Sweejar Gold Coffee Spoons

If you too want to add some extra joy to your morning, and cut down on dirty dishes, these coffee spoons are for you. In addition to gold, the set of six is also available in black, silver, and rose gold.

BUY IT: $12.99;

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