Vintage Gelatin Mold Pans Southerners Will Never Retire

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Tomato Aspic
Southern Living

In the South, just flipping through old family recipe boxes and community cookbooks will tell you one thing for certain: There's almost nothing that a Southern cook can't congeal. Sure, citrus-flavored molds and classic tomato aspics are to be expected. These will never go out of style. But ingredients like shrimp, ham, and avocado? At times, we wish we could unsee the things we've seen. Nonetheless, these congealed salads are a Southern essential.While Mama might still house all of her beloved gelatin mold pans—of which she knows all the shapes and names—in her kitchen, we're in need of a directory. (After all, it's quite en vogue to hang vintage mold pans as wall art, like fine china.) From classic fluted to fancy scalloped to adorable miniatures, these jello mold pans are begging to grace your holiday table this year.

Starburst Pan

Three-Layer Mold
Jennifer Causey

Buy It: Nordic Ware Brilliance Bundt Pan, $35.99;
Recipe: Three-Layer Mold

A starburst-shaped masterpiece will be the perfect centerpiece for your holiday spread. Plus, you can make it ahead to save some time in the kitchen.

Curved Ridge Pan

Lime Gelatin & Cottage Cheese Salad
Southern Living

Buy It: Nordic Ware Party Bundt, $38;
Recipe: Lime Gelatin and Cottage Cheese Salad

For a classy affair, call on this most debonair of molds. The classic, curved ridges lend a touch of elegance, don't you think?

Fluted Swirl Pan

Tomato Aspic
Southern Living

Buy It: Silicone Fluted Bundt, $9;
Recipe: Tomato Aspic

Reach optimal jiggle potential with this mold. The fluted form feels both whimsical and fancy, which is why we favor it for our beloved tomato aspic.

Classic Fluted Pan

Molded Cranberry Salad
Hector M Sanchez

Buy It: Vintage Rubber Mold, $20;
Recipe: Molded Cranberry Salad

Hello, old friend. This traditional mold makes any gelatin salad look its very best.

Mini Ridged Bundts

Now: The Entertaining Essential
Hector Sanchez

Buy It: Assorted Mini Bundts, $9.99;
Recipe: White Sangria Salad

My, what cute little Bundts we have here. Turn your congealed salad into a gang of miniature congealed salads. This might be our favorite.

Ridged Ring Mold

Berries and Bubbles
Hector Sanchez

Buy It: Gelatin Mold Ring, $14.99;
Recipe: Berries and Bubbles

For a more modern look, this shallow pan doubles as an ice ring mold, which means you can use it for both your Christmas punch and congealed salad.

Square Pan

Congealed Salad
Hector Sanchez

Buy It: Nordic Ware Square Bundt, $38;

Something about the combination of sharp edges with that come-hither jiggle of a gelatin salad feels right. This square-shaped mold agrees.

Scalloped Edge Mold

Now: The New Instant Classic
Hector Sanchez

Buy It: Vintage Round Mold, $8;
Recipe: Spiced Coconut-Cherry Mold

Oh, you scalloped sneak. This mold was tough to find, but the round indentations on top are made to house frozen cherries. Simply pop them in each spot, and pour your gelatinous mixture on top.

Rectangular Mold

Weird Recipes Shrimp Gelatin
Southern Living

Buy It: Loaf Pan, $7.99;

When Mama needed a no-nonsense mold, this did the trick. Simple and compact, a rectangular mold might be the easiest to transport.

Mini Pie Pan

Mini Pie Pan
Hector Sanchez

Buy It: Mini Pie Pan, $12.49;
Recipe: Lemon Cupcakes with Lavender Frosting

A congealed salad with…piecrust? Crazier things have happened. While you can use your muffin pan for this mold, these miniature pie pans give it a slightly more shallow shape.

Pie-Shaped Mold

Pie-Shaped Mold
Hector Sanchez

Buy It: Nordic Ware Charlotte Pan, $39.95;
Recipe: Aunt Laura's Stained Glass Cake

May we suggest using this ladyfinger-style rim instead of a traditional pie pan? It perfectly complements a stained glass-style gelatin salad.

Solera Mold

Solera Mold
Southern Living

Buy It: Nordic Ware Solera Mold, $31;

Put a sunny spin on your citrus-flavored gelatin salads. This Art Deco-inspired mold feels quite refined.

Ladyfinger Ring Mold

Ladyfinger Ring Mold
Taste of Home

Buy It: Tupperware Jel Ring Jello Mold, $21.99;

Perhaps more suited for an ice cream cake, this retro mold gives ladyfinger-like ridges on both the outside and inside. Because just one or the other would look silly, right?

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