Use This Easy Hack to Salvage A Lackluster Melon

This single ingredient is all it takes to improve the taste of a subpar melon.

How to Pick a Good Melon
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There's nothing worse than cutting into a big, delicious looking melon and finding out that what you expected to be a juicy, refreshing treat, is actually a dry, tasteless flop.

It happens, and if you eat enough melon, you're bound to run into the occasional dud. The question is, what to do with said dud? Do you throw it away or simply force yourself to eat its sad, sugarless flesh?

The answer, at least according to one Food52 writer and her melon-loving grandpa, is neither!

Instead of tossing your subpar melon, try seasoning it with a pinch of trusty salt.

The salt, she swears, "brings out what little flavor a bad melon has and compensates for any lack of sweetness."

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Other melon saving hacks include a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, a spicy Mexican seasoning called Tajín, and herbs like mint.

Try one or try them all, and trust us when we say that your taste buds—and your melon—will thank you.

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