Why You Should Use the FIFO Method to Reorganize Your Fridge

We have a feeling Marie Kondo would approve.

Crazy Green Fridge
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Alright, we're not saying you need to emulate this crazy green fridge with rows of vibrant green, perfectly arranged veggies. But if you've got produce or swiftly expiring items in your fridge (dairy, fish, dinner leftovers, to name a few), listen up.

To organize your refrigerator more efficiently, consider repeating this acronym in your head a few times every time you open the the fridge: FIFO. Your two-syllable chant stands for "first-in, first out," and means that you should place items that were first opened (e.g., a jug of almond milk), purchased (e.g., broccoli), or consumed (e.g., Tuesday night's leftovers) in the front of your fridge, and their newer counterparts behind them For example, if you bought celery a week ago, and another bunch yesterday, place last week's in front of the new stalks so you know to use up the old before you inadvertently grab the new. The same basic principle applies to pantry organization — place jars, cans, boxes, etc. of foods that will expire sooner in the front and those with a later expiration date behind them.

Not only is the FIFO food method important for food safety, but since it requires some initial reorganization of your fridge and pantry, it will likely help create more order throughout your kitchen. By using the FIFO method, you also will likely cut down on food spoilage.

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