Add a little ease to your meal prep marathon. 
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Woman Cooking in Kitchen From Above
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It's January. If you're anything like us, that means a social media feed full of gym membership discounts, diet tips, and meal prep advice. Though we're sure you've gotten your fair share of information on what carbs not to eat this year and which exercise is finally going to get you those elusive six-pack abs, we're here to let you in on a secret. There is one tool missing from your routine that just might actually make it more bearable to stick to that new year, new you meal prep resolution.

No, we're not talking about some fancy divided container that'll make your rice and vegetables play nice for the week while they're waiting for you in the fridge. We're talking about your feet.

Chopping up a week's worth of veggies and cooking up a storm means a lot of time standing over your kitchen countertop. We're honestly ready to sit down on the couch for a Netflix marathon just after making one meal, let alone enough food for the next seven days. So, what's the one thing that will keep your feet nice and comfortable during this weekend's cooking marathon? An anti-fatigue mat ($39.89,

Kitchen Comfort Mat

Pull out this cloud of comfort on a Sunday afternoon, and you'll be ready to stand and slice away at that pile of veggies for as long as it takes. Sure, there are plenty of quick kitchen tools that will make the process go faster. But, when that new make-ahead recipe trips you up or you realize you'll need to make another dish to make sure you don't starve on Thursday and Friday, your feet, knees, and back will thank you.

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Meal prep chefs be warned, though. This comfy kitchen accessory is a real cooking lifesaver, but it won't actually make the meal plan for you or make the little ones play nice while your cooking. There are still a few hurdles you'll have to overcome on your own. You'll just be a little bit more comfortable while working your mama magic.