Why You Should Keep those Plastic Mesh Produce Bags

It turns out they make excellent DIY scrubbers!

Mesh Produce Bag
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If there's one thing we like more than saving money, it's reducing waste while we're at it.

Anybody who has ever set foot in a grocery store is likely familiar with plastic mesh produce bags—the ones that keep your avocados, potatoes, oranges and other ball-shaped foods from rolling around all over the place.

Usually we just toss them in the trash, but our friends at Apartment Therapy have convinced us that we're better off holding onto them. As it turns out, they make excellent DIY scrubbers!

According to Leanne Stapf, Vice President of Operations for The Cleaning Authority, these supermarket staples can be repurposed into pot scrubbers that rival any store-bought option.

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"Just clip the edges off the bag, bunch it together so it looks like a bow-tie, and secure it with a twist tie," Stapf told Apartment Therapy.


Ambitious DIYers can take things to the next level by threading dental floss through the mesh bag and tying it at the ends. Or, better yet, if you happen to have a four of the bags on hand, Apartment Therapy suggests rolling three of them up like donuts, stuffing them in the fourth bag and knotting it at the other end for the ultimate scrubbing hack.

Go forth and scrub, y'all!

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