How to Divide a Big Pot so You Can Cook Two Vegetables at Once

Who knew?!

Stock Pot Kitchen
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You have too few pots, too few burners and too little time. It's a dilemma nearly every home cook is familiar with, which is why we're especially smitten with Lifehacker's latest trick for maximizing space (and time) in the kitchen. All you need is one stock pot and a sheet pan.

Here's the deal. The next time you find yourself boiling two types of veggies, Lifehacker's Claire Lower recommends dividing one large pot with a small sheet pan and cooking them together… separately. Put the pan in vertically, right down the middle of your pot. Lower borrows her pan from her toaster oven.

"Of course, you don't have to use a sheet pan, any flat-ish piece of food safe metal will do," she writes.

And it doesn't just work for veggies. "You can use this trick to blanch vegetables with different cook times, a vegetable and pasta, or two types of pasta," Lower continues.

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We have a feeling that this technique will be especially popular with mamas whose kids can't decide if they want ziti or elbows for dinner.

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