WATCH: Why You Should Consider Ditching Dishwasher Pods

They may be doing your dishwasher and dishes more harm than good.

Are you sabotaging your dishwashing efforts by relying on those oh-so-handy dishwashing pods? According to The Kitchn there's a chance these colorful pods could be preventing your wares from reaching squeaky clean status — and burning a hole in your pocket.

Faith Durand, who penned The Kitchn's article titled "The Dishwasher Mistake Almost Everyone Makes (and How to Quit)" was frustrated with the growing number of drain clogs and a "roughness deposited on some of our glasses." Durand loves her household's Miele entry-level dishwasher and decided to call the company's hotline to determine what could be going on.

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The customer service team's advice? Cut back on the soap. "We had switched to those convenient, temptingly packaged pods, silvery sleeves of detergent that looked more like a block of candy than a piece of soap," Durand writes of their easy-to-use dishwasher pods. "Your dishwasher just doesn't need that much detergent," a representative said to Durand's husband.

After a thorough cleaning of the dishwasher drain, Durand switched to detergent powder and began using only one-third to one-half the recommended amount with each load. Happily, the move worked, and the couple now enjoys wonderfully clean glasses without the icky deposits and cleaner dishes and silverware.

Less money spent on detergent, beautifully washed dishes, and a happy drain? Now that's a hack we're eager to try out.

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