The One Time-Saving Dishwasher Tip You Need To Try Tonight

An easy fix for this dreaded everyday chore.

Dishwasher Slightly Opened
BUY IT: Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner, $7; amazon.comPull out the racks of your empty dishwasher and check inside for any lodged food particles; these are often stuck in flatware holders or filters at the bottom of the machine. To cut through lingering odors, lime stains, and mineral build-up, run the empty washer with a handy store-bought cleaning pod, or a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe bowl placed on the top rack.

Whether you're making Ginger-Ale Can Chicken for dinner, fixing German Chocolate Pancakes for breakfast, or whipping up a batch of Mint-Julep Cupcakes for your Kentucky Derby party, making a mess in the kitchen is always fun. Cleaning up after the cooking...not so much. Similarly, you may have noticed that it's easy to load the dishwasher with all those dirty dishes you just made, but unloading it is a lesson in patience. There's nothing quite as low-key annoying as trying to figure out why all the drinking glasses don't fit in the cupboard, where the lid to that pot got off to after dinner, and separating salad forks from dinner forks.

Well, we have a little tip that can cut down on some of that aggravation: When you're loading the dishwasher, take a second to put the silverware in separate sections of the silverware basket. It's easy to rinse and sort utensils into their own sections in the dishwasher's silverware holder, while you're loading the dishwasher. As you work, take a second to put dessert forks in one section, dinner forks in a separate one, knives and spoons in their own spots, and cooking utensils in another. If you really want to make clean-up easier for your future self, place all the silverware either facing up or facing down.

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Then, when it comes to putting the silverware away, there's no need to sort, as the work is already done. Instead, simply pluck a handful of salad forks from the dishwasher and deposit them in the drawer where they belong. It's an easy solution to one of life's minor annoyances. Plus, spending less time in the kitchen cleaning—and more time baking— is always a good thing.

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