The Best Way to Clean Your Dish Rack

Because you're cleaning it, right?

Dish Rack
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Think about it. What's the one thing in your kitchen you use practically every day but rarely — if ever — clean?

If you answered "my dish rack," you're singing a chorus with millions of others, darling. But does the idea of using a scrub brush and soap to spruce up the uniquely-shaped structure make you want to book it to your couch? We hear you. But sorry, folks, you should be cleaning this workhorse of a tool.

Per The Kitchn, here's the why and how: "Like anything that's exposed to water regularly, if not perpetually, [your dish rack] will eventually grow slimy black stuff. (Yes, that's the official term.)," writes Shifrah Combiths. "If you have a metal or plastic-coated dish rack, it's safe to toss it in the dishwasher. (Wood or bamboo ones can't be, obviously, but I'd shy away from those anyway because of inevitable mold growth.) A run through the dishwasher will sanitize this hard-working tool that holds your clean dishes. And it will do it without you having to scrub thin rungs by hand." Bonus: As Shifrah explains, throwing your dish rack in the dishwasher can be a way to help keep tinier items in place by placing the rack over random lids, tools, and assorted kitchen items.

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While you're at it, you'll likely want to wash that cloth or silicone mat you have perched under your dish rack, which can also be a hotbed for dirt and grime.

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