If You Don't Have This Old-Fashioned Serving Dish, Are You Even Southern?

The original party platter.

Spode Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray
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Certain serving pieces transcend time and can instantly take us back to our childhoods, especially in the South. A passed-down silver tray for displaying Fire Crackers or sausage balls, a gravy boat for Grandma's finest recipe, a butter dish for the countertop stick, a trifle bowl for holiday season delicacies—and, of course, the beloved deviled egg platter.

There isn't a Southern meal where deviled eggs aren't welcome, whether you're attending a casual spring cookout or hosting the big Easter festivities. The creamy, mayo-laden bites are an occasion in their own right, and they deserve a party perch that reflects it. Deviled egg trays feature oval grooves that keep your artful egg creations from slipping and sliding around, ensuring a beautiful presentation that keeps folks coming back for more. There might be a deviled egg platter that you remember from growing up at Grandma's house—pretty colored glass, the "good silver," or a seasonal china pattern—and now's the time to bring back the classic serving dish that's started to disappear from Southern kitchens everywhere.

Shop our favorite deviled egg trays below to revive the tradition and fancy up your Easter display, and then pick a delicious deviled egg recipe to fill up your new party platter.

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Best Overall: Juliska Berry & Thread Deviled Egg Platter

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray
Neiman Marcus

If you wanted to go with something that's both heirloom-quality and worth the splurge, this Juliska serving platter makes the perfect place to display your mother's deviled egg recipe, particularly for special occasions.

BUY IT: $88; neimanmarcus.com, bloomingdales.com

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Most Nostalgic: Portmeirion Botanic Garden Egg Plate

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray

Odds are, you recognize this floral china pattern, and it just feels right for showcasing deviled eggs on the Easter table—or any other springtime supper!

BUY IT: $24.99; amazon.com, bedbathandbeyond.com

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Best Vintage Glass: NobleEgg Glass Deviled Egg Platter

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray

Southern grandmothers love a piece of colored glass serveware like nobody's business, and this affordable platter captures the retro style precisely. Choose between blue or green!

BUY IT: $21.99; amazon.com

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Most Gift-Worthy: Mosser Glass Grey Swirl Glass Deviled Egg Tray

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray

Have you seen a more elegant place to put a bright, freshly filled deviled egg bite? We haven't either. This gray design can be easily lifted and moved around the room to offer guests a snack.

BUY IT: $55; food52.com

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Most Unique: Floral Deviled Egg Plate

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray
Uncommon Goods

Like a modern, more colorful take on a classic deviled egg platter, this hand-painted perch complements the bright yellow, creamy yolks. Top with plenty of paprika for extra flair!

BUY IT: $40; uncommongoods.com

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Best Holiday: Spode Christmas Tree Deviled Egg Dish

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray

We'd bet that Santa Clause couldn't turn down a dozen deviled eggs on this traditional Spode Christmas tree platter. Cookies be darned! For many, this pattern brings up memories of holiday seasons growing up.

BUY IT: $34.99; amazon.com, bedbathandbeyond.com

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Best Big-Batch: Open Kitchen by Williams Sonoma Deviled Egg Platter

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray
Williams Sonoma

Most deviled egg trays typically only have room for a dozen or so eggs at a time, but if you're ready for one that doesn't need to be refilled constantly, this simple white tray holds up to 24 eggs at a time.

BUY IT: $24.95; williams-sonoma.com

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Best Portable: Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Tray Set

Best Deviled Egg Serving Tray

Have to bring those creamy bites on the go? This two-piece Tupperware set is a mess-saver. Each tray holds 18 eggs, for a total of 36 eggs able to be transported. Plus, each comes complete with a lid.

BUY IT: $14.44; amazon.com

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