Just drop it in and forget about it!
Handful of Cotton Balls
Credit: SVGiles/Getty Images

If you're plagued by a stinky trash can, you're not alone. Having dealt with our own garbage woes, we were intrigued by an interesting suggestion for vanquishing smells involving only a cotton ball and essential oils.

It's easy enough to do, simply soak a cotton ball in an essential oil, drop it in the bottom of your trash can under the liner, and voila! Smells masked. This popular hack works by creating an odor-fighting aura around the can that lasts and requires little follow up. Seriously, just plop it in and forget about it.

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Any nice-smelling oil will do the trick, but Apartment Therapy recommends the following essential oils based on their other beneficial properties:

  • Lemongrass oil (a natural bad-odor balancer)
  • Tea tree oil and citrus oils (help combat bacteria)
  • Mint oils (help to to deter rodents)
  • Neem oil (keeps bugs away)

Give it a try! Your nose (and your guests) will thank you.