This Multipurpose Pot Ensures You'll Never Hunt for a Pot Holder Again

Say hello to your new favorite cookware.

dansk kobenstyle small saucepan with pot holder trivet
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Those who have cooked for a crowd know the pain. As we juggle steaming dishes hot from the oven and bubbling on the stove, it's bound to happen. We reach into the kitchen drawer for another pot holder or trivet and…nothing.

Pot holders and trivets, as we know, provide vital protection for our kitchen counters and dining tables. Few things are as tragic as seeing a pot brand a mark anywhere in your home. The only thing on par with the tragedy of not having a pot holder is an unseemly one. With all of the dishes they handle, burn marks and sauce stains are practically inevitable. That's why we love the Scandinavian cookware line Dansk Kobenstyle. It makes certain you'll never be on the hunt for a pot holder ever again.

True to its Nordic reputation, Dansk Kobenstyle cookware is streamlined and simple—but not at all boring. It features a line of colorful enameled saucepans, butter warmers, and casserole dishes that come with convenient, built-in trivets that double as lids. We're officially charmed.

This also means, for those of us with impeccable taste, that we no longer need to worry about matching or coordinating our pot holder to our pot. Nor do we need to worry about whether or not our pots and pans are fit to be seen by company. The Dansk Kobenstyle saucepans and casserole dishes give your table the effortless, stylish touch we all admire.

The only real problem now is deciding on which colors to call yours. From a cheerful teal to a soft lavender, there are several shades you'll enjoy all year long. We're eyeing their bright cherry red for the holidays, too.

Run along now. Buy yourself one. (Two, if you lack self-control. We're not judging.)

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Dansk Kobenstyle 2-Quart Saucepan

dansk kobenstyle saucepan 2qt with pot holder trivet

Available in teal, pink, and white, this two-quart saucepan is a pretty addition to your dinner table and great for soups and sauces. Prices vary by color.

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Dansk Kobenstyle 4-Quart Casserole

dansk kobenstyle casserole

This four-quart casserole dish will hold plenty of soup and stews. Pop it on its own trivet for a practical (and matching) look. Prices vary by color.

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Dansk Kobenstyle 1-Quart Saucepan

dansk kobenstyle small saucepan with pot holder trivet

The adorable one-quart saucepan is great during the holidays. It's ready to make hot chocolate and cider on chilly nights. Prices vary by color.

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