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Amazon Dishwasher Magnet
Credit: Amazon

We've all been there: standing awkwardly in front of the dishwasher and attempting to figure out if it's been run or not. If you assume it's clean, you could be stuck eating and drinking from someone else's dirty dishes without realizing it. If you assume it's dirty, you could waste water, energy, and time running the cycle again, just in case. The solution? Until now, it was hollering to the nearest family member to ask. (More often than not, they're not sure, either.) 

Luckily, Amazon has a hack for that. Never spend time wondering if the dishwasher is clean or dirty ever again, thanks to this $8 dishwasher magnet that allows you to slide the magnetic sign indicator from "Clean" to "Dirty," and vice versa. "Clean" is green, and "Dirty" is red, making it simple to spot from a distance and perfect for those who need extra easy instruction, like children. 

The dishwasher magnet also comes with two double-sided stickers to ensure you can secure it to your dishwasher, regardless if it is magnetic or not. It's made from hardy materials that won't slide around when being switched from clean to dirty, and vice versa, while making sure to not rot or rust the front side of your dishwasher door.

The product has garnered almost 8,000 five-star Amazon reviews, out of 8,800 total reviews, ringing in at a near-perfect score. Shoppers note that it sticks firmly to the dishwasher without budging and makes a great addition to any larger or multigenerational household to avoid confusion (and getting asked the same question over and over again).

Amazon Dishwasher Magnet
Credit: Amazon

Sperric Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

So if you're looking to streamline your cleaning process with very little effort or cash, this best-selling Amazon dishwasher magnet will do the dirty work.

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