Chef David Rose Wants You to Only Flip that Burger One Time

Plus, a high-quality meat thermometer is a grilling must-have.

Since the pandemic has kept most of us home far more than we were in the "before times," many of us are investing in our homes. We're taking on DIY projects to repaint the bedroom, to create a more functional home office, and many are investing in higher quality appliances since we are cooking at home so much more these days. Did you buy a new grill during the pandemic? Are you still a grilling rookie? Food Network TV personality Chef David Rose has some tips for you to feel more confident at the grill.

David Rose was born and raised in New Jersey but he's a self-proclaimed Southerner by choice, having made Atlanta his home for the last 19 years. "I absolutely love the South and a lot of the Southern food has roots in African cuisine. A lot of the flavors kinda resonate and come full circle with the flavors you might find in the Caribbean. So, it's the food of my culture. It's the preparations I'm used to, ingredients I'm familiar with, and it just tastes downright delicious. It is truly food for the soul," Rose recently told Southern Living.

chef david rose
Omaha Steaks

Rose is now partnered up with Omaha Steaks so he's sharing his best tips to grill novices and maybe some reminders for experts as well. The first thing Rose wants you to do when you grill is stop overcooking. "Please, please, please, do not overcook the burgers. The burgers did nothing to you, so don't overcook them."

Rose notes that for those who need some help, when you order your meat from Omaha Steaks, they provide a chart with the cook times for everything from burgers to pork chops. "By you following that cooking chart as far as the time with a timer and a digital thermometer, it removes all the guesswork… So always invest in a high-quality meat thermometer," he said. Adding, "Because the worst thing to do is give grandma the rare burger when she wants a well done." We can't be disappointing Grandma!

His second tip is very simple. "Flip the burger once and only once." We are probably all guilty of this, whatever we are grilling, flipping it around, peeking with the edge of the spatula to see what the bottom looks like. Admit it. We have all done this.

"By you flipping the burger once it's going to ensure that nice hard sear on that burger. And also retain that juiciness, and flavor and moisture right inside. So please refrain from taking that spatula. I know it's tempting. And pressing down on that burger because the kids are crying, grandma's getting hangry. Take your time. Let the flavors develop," Chef said.

Whether you're preparing to have an end of summer soiree poolside or just taking advantage of the mild weather down South year-round, listen to Chef, watch your temperature, and flip only once. You are bound to have a delicious meal every time.

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