It's Time To Break Out The Cast-Iron Fondue Pot Again, Just In Time For The Holidays

Warm, melted nostalgia. 

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Fondue Pot
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It's a chilly winter night in the 1970s, and you've just called the neighbors using your wall phone to make sure they're bringing the punch bowl. Your house clogs walk across shag carpeting to an avocado-colored kitchen. Why? To grab the fondue pot and fixings for game night, of course!

When fondue pots were at the height of their popularity, everyone would gather around the table with skewers ready to dip into melty cheese, smooth chocolate, and even piping-hot oil (for cooking small hunks of meat). The first two remain quite the fun delicacy in any form, while the latter might be better left to the professionals. We're not sure about you, but it seems like a perfect time to bring back the nostalgic fondue pot for modern enjoyment.

Whether you're hosting game night or gearing up for a holiday season with loved ones, you can't go wrong with breaking out a fondue pot. It turns your appetizer or dinner spread into a fun communal experience that serves as an activity all its own. When choosing a fondue pot, a heavy-duty cast-iron option ensures that your fondue pot is able to reach the ideal melting temperature and retain heat better than other materials for consistently warm, melted fondue.

As far as what to put in your fondue pot, we've got you covered. First, choose whether you're going the cheese or chocolate route. Or both! For cheese fondue, Swiss and Gruyére cheeses make a traditional duo, but our festive Beer-Cheese Fondue recipe will get rave reviews. Serve with crusty bread hunks, charcuterie meats, apples, and vegetables.

Now that you're set with the best new (but old) idea for a fun dinner experience, time to bring out the bell bottoms, too.

Cuisinart 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set

Cuisinart Cast-Iron Fondue Pot

This dishwasher-safe set features color-coded forks to ensure no one gets mixed up during the festivities.

Price at time of publish: $39

Swissmar Lugano 9 Piece Cheese Fondue Set

Swissmar Cast-Iron Fondue Pot

This elegant set is a longtime favorite, and you can choose from three colors. The enameled cast-iron fondue pot can be placed on the stand or used at the stovetop in a pinch. Plus, it makes a great gift.

Price at time of publish: $120

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