Caraway Bakeware Set in Perracotta

The Cookware Line We're All Obsessed With Just Launched the Prettiest Bakeware—And It's Selling Like Hot Cakes

Holiday baking never looked so good.
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Ever heard of Caraway? While you might not be on a first-name basis, chances are you'd recognize their peachy Perracotta cookware set, the magnetic storage system, or that handy (and genius) lid sleeve that attaches to your cabinet door to keep all those tops out of the way, once and for all. Of course, the aesthetics alone could have garnered the droves of fans, but it's the non-toxic, non-stick ceramic surface with aluminum core that has home cooks singing Caraway's praises. It's safe for stovetops, gas, electric, and induction cooking methods and oven safe up to 550 degrees. All this and in a pretty range of shades that are worthy of display? We thought it was too good to be true too. For the many who have been hooked since the line launched, rejoicing when the cookware became available in a la carte purchasing options and flipping when they released a line of coordinating linens, it's time to make room in your cabinets for another Caraway addition with their brand-new line of bakeware.

The latest collection features all the safe and healthy materials we've come to expect from Caraway, with their signature slick, non-stick ceramic surface making baked goods practically pop out of the pans without so much as the lift of a finger. And cleanup? You know it's a cinch. But the real draw is feeling good about what you're cooking on. The coating is 100% non-toxic, with a mineral-based makeup that will have you resting assured that no questionable chemicals are leaking into your food as it cooks. It also emits up to 60% less carbon dioxide compared to other non-stick coatings. Better food for you and the environment? It's a win.

When it comes to determining what to add to your cart, you have some choices to make. The best value is the Complete Bakeware Set (currently $395) which is ideal if you're looking to overhaul (or start) your bakeware collection. It comes with two organizers, two baking sheets (18x13" and 10x15"), an 18x13" cooling rack, three pans (9x13", 9" square, and 1 lb. loaf), two 9" circle pans, and a 12-cup muffin pan. You can also opt for the Half Bakeware Set (currently $245), which includes one organizer, two baking sheets (18x13" and 10x15"), a 9x13" rectangle pan, and a 12-cup muffin pan. The medium baking sheet ($40) and large baking sheet ($55) can be purchased individually.

If you've already thrown out your old pots and pans in favor of Caraway's safe and healthy cookware line, you probably won't have a problem going for the gusto when it comes to the bakeware. For those who have never tried the trendy set, just go ahead and give even one baking sheet a try to find out what the rest of us already know. Stock your cabinets with Caraway and you'll never look back.

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Caraway Bakeware Set
Credit: Caraway

Complete Bakeware Set

BUY IT: $395 ($36/piece);

If you're looking for the best value, this is it. The full collection comes in five different colorways (Perracotta, Navy, Slate, Gray, and Cream) and will provide a complete overhaul of your bakeware collection.

Caraway Bakeware Half Set
Credit: Caraway

Half Bakeware Set

BUY IT: $245 ($49/piece);

Whether you're looking to test the waters or only need a few more items to make your bakeware collection complete, this will ensure you're set with the essentials.