Now you know.
Plastic Food Bag
Credit: DustyPixel/Getty Images

This is the year we'll embrace reusable silicone food storage bags. But until we run out of our current package of resealable plastic bags, we've been wondering if it's okay to reuse these handy pouches.

Sometimes, it's A-OK, but here's an important instance when it's not: "If you have used a zip-top bag for raw meat (like for marinating steak or just simply storing extra chicken), do not reuse it. You would run the risk of cross contamination, which is a big no-no, so toss those bags in the trash," explains writer Amanda Tarlton on Reader's Digest. "This applies to greasy food or food that leaves residue that can't be removed completely, as well."

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But what about if you're using your zip-top bag to store, say, some cookies or a few handful of pretzels? Go forth and reuse, dearest readers. Just remember, if you're marinating raw fish or meat in a bag, or there's greasy food and/or food that leaves behind a smear of its presence, go ahead and get a new bag. Capiche? Capiche! (Better yet, go ahead and hop on that long-overdue reusable silicone storage bag train.)

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