You're going to feel like MacGyver.
Angel Food Cake
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When the angel food cake cravings hit and there's not an appropriate pan in sight, you have to get creative. Thankfully, our friends at Epicurious have figured out a way to bake angel food cake without a tube pan (really!) by putting to the test a tip bestowed by the inimitable Mary Berry on an episode of The Great British Baking Show Masterclass. Curious?

If you want to bake a delicate angel food cake but don't have one of those signature tube pans, follow the steps below and you'll be enjoying a slice of heavenly cake in no time at all.

To put this trick into action, you'll need a tall, empty aluminum can (think the taller and skinnier 16 oz., not the classic 12 oz.), parchment paper, double-stick tape, dry rice, and a spring-form cake pan.

First, you'll need to wrap the parchment paper around the empty can, securing it with a piece of tape. Fill the can half full with the rice, which acts as a weight to keep the can in place in the pan. Place the can in the center of the pan (be sure that it's not a non-stick pan!). Then cut the parchment paper into a round shape that fits into your pan. Cut into the center of the parchment round, creating a starburst shaped opening that will fit over the aluminum can. Assemble your pan: With the can in the center, place the parchment round into the pan, and slide the starburst-shaped opening over the can. Fill with batter, bake your cake, and voila!

Head over to Epicurious for the full instructions (and photos!), and you'll be baking your way to an improvised tube pan in no time.

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How do you bake your angel food cake? Have you ever found yourself with a bowl full of batter and no tube pan in sight?