Granny's Baconer + the Baconer How-To

This week's old-school gadget discovery is rooted in one of my earliest food memories. It was at my grandma's place that I awoke on many Sunday mornings to the smell of drop biscuits baking, farm eggs lightly frying, and, of course, the food group know as bacon wafting its unmistakable aroma through the house. And besides how it tasted, one of my most prominent memories about Granny's bacon was the tool she used to make it: the Westinghouse Baconer.

This 1962 relic (it sold for a hefty $19.99 back in the day) was the driving force behind all things crispy, luscious, and porcine at Granny's for breakfast, a lunchtime BLT, or the perfect salty crumble atop a side salad.

If you can get your hands on one of these gems (check eBay or Etsy) I'd give you an advantage in a bacon cooking battle any day. You simply open the doors, lay bacon strips across the grid iron, and set the controls for your desired crispness. Perfect bacon, every time. Props to my Granny for upholding her devotion to the old school (obviously I got more than my love of cooking from her) and for allowing me to dig frequently at her house.