And way tastier.
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Just because you're trying to be more health-conscious, it doesn't mean that dessert is off the table. As my mother would say, "dessert is never, ever off the table." At least, that's always been the motto of those lower-calorie ice creams out there like Halo Top, Enlightened, and Yasso. Don't skip dessert. Just get strategic. 

I'm no stranger to a large helping of homemade peach cobbler in the summer, and a big slice of apple pie in the autumn. I'd never skip my mother's desserts for the sake of a diet. That's just not how she raised me. In the interim, however, I'd invest in a pint of lower-calorie ice cream for whenever I want a cool, creamy dessert on a weekday. Cool they are. Creamy? Sadly, not so much. And then a friend told me about Blue Bell's No Sugar Added Country Vanilla Ice Cream

As a Southerner who grew up eating Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries ice cream, this was a welcome surprise that I didn't see coming. The brand's beloved vanilla also exists in another form: No Sugar Added. After a taste test, the answer was simple. To me, Blue Bell No Sugar Added tasted just as delicious and creamy as the brand's regular vanilla. It's also quite sweet, so I don't miss the added sugar at all. 

The crazy part? The nutrition per serving was basically identical to the Halo Top vanilla flavor. Per 2/3 cup, Blue Bell came in at 110 calories and only 8 grams of sugar (no added sugar), while Halo Top rang in at 100 calories and 7 grams of sugar (3 grams of added sugar).For the difference in taste and experience, that extra 10 calories is more than worth it. (Of course, this is just my opinion. If you prefer Halo Top, live your truth. I fully support!) 

As a bonus, I'm getting to support a Southern-based company to boot. If that's not winning, I don't know what is. Top it with summer-ripe peaches and a hearty sprinkle of cinnamon, and I'm doing a victory lap, too.