Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer With Bluapple Produce Saver Balls

It's only $12.

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We love stocking our refrigerators with fresh fruits and veggies, but we're painfully aware that much of the produce we buy starts to wilt the minute we get it home. By the end of the week, even the freshest foods aren't looking their best. Finding an effective way to store fresh produce is a challenge so many households face, so we took to the internet to find a solution. In the process, we happened upon a product that promises to extend the life of produce in your refrigerator, and that product is the Bluapple Produce Freshness Saver Balls. (TO BUY: $11.99,


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How does it work? Bluapple promises that the balls are "easy to use. Just open the package and toss one Bluapple into each crisper drawer, or on the counter in a fruit bowl, or wherever you keep produce. The apple comes prefilled with a packet that absorbs ethylene gas." Once they hit the crisper drawer, they start working immediately and begin to absorb ethylene gas—also known as the "ripening hormone"—which is given off by aging produce. Foods that produce ethylene in high quantities accelerate ripening and shorten the life of produce. These sorts of foods include refrigerator and pantry staples like apples, avocados, ripe bananas, blueberries, cantaloupes, figs, grapes, honeydews, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, potatoes, and tomatoes, among others. When you're storing any of these foods in your refrigerator, add in a Bluapple ball to absorb the ethylene gas they release, and it will keep them fresher for longer.


With over 1,300 Amazon reviews, this product gets 4.2 out of 5 stars, a strong showing for a small-but-mighty refrigerator aid. Bluapple promises that the balls with save you money because the longer your produce lasts, the more likely you are to use it up and not let it go to waste. The balls are also refillable, so after 3 months of use, you can snap the ball open, replace the packet inside with a new one, and toss it back into the fridge. Easy!

If you'd like to try out this refrigerator secret for yourself, you can find Bluapple Produce Freshness Saver Balls at Amazon. Then make the most of your fresh produce by trying out some of our favorite farmer's market recipes.

Have you ever used any products that promise to keep your produce fresher for longer? What's your favorite strategy for storing produce?

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