Coffee budget? Intact.
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Frothy Latte
Credit: Unkel/Getty Images

I certainly know that shelling out money on a craft latte every week is not economically sound. My dad taught me better when it comes to budgeting my money, and I bit the hard truth that artisanal coffeeshops were not in the cards for me.

I started to think that lattes were for the put-together Sally Sues, the ones who leave their house early so that they can pull up to a Starbucks on a weekday morning and order their “usual.” I accepted my fate that a cup of joe with a splash of cream would have to suffice as my normal morning routine. Maybe, if I did a good enough job that week and woke up early enough, I would treat myself to a latte on Friday morning. But as I was living my life on the mediocre edge, my Aunt introduced me to the tool that has changed my morning cup of coffee forever—a milk frother.

Now I transform my simple cup of coffee into an overflowing frothy latte with the Bonsenkitchen handheld milk frother. The foam in my mug is mile-high and serves as a makeshift insulator to keep my coffee steaming hot. The best part is this tool is only $10, which is the cost of just two fancy cups of coffee at a local coffee shop.

One coffee-lover reviewer on Amazon raved that this tool, “saved his coffeehouse budget.” By incorporating this tool into my morning coffee routine, my cup of joe has never tasted better and my mornings have never been brighter. Now my coffee rests under a cloud of sweet foam, and I get to sip it in the comfort of my home without changing out of my PJs.

Buying the frother is one thing, but creating the frothiest latte is another. Since my aunt introduced me to this exceptional tool, I thought I’d ask for her guidance on how to create a foamy, frothy drink that’s guaranteed to leave a foam ‘stache after you’re done drinking. She bestowed her wisdom onto me with these simple steps.

  1. Heat up a couple tablespoons of half and half (or your creamer of choice) in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of sugar in the mug. Grab the milk frother, turn it on, and froth the cream mixture.
  3. Pour your coffee into the foamy mixture and sip your better-than-a-latte cup of coffee.

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