Bye, bye stubborn stains.
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Splatter Tool in Front of Microwave
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The very nature of cooking in a microwave is to make things more convenient. Yet, what should be a convenient kitchen appliance is anything but, particularly when it comes down to cleaning it. There's nothing worse than opening a microwave to reheat yesterday's chicken and veggies, only to discover splatters, spills, or food build-up along the walls and on the ceramic glass surface. But instead of wiping down unsightly messes—like tomato sauce, oatmeal, chili, and other burst-prone foods—you can prevent food explosions before they even happen with this handy $2 splatter gadget on Amazon. Not only does it help to protect your microwave from splatters, but it also keeps you from having to scrub away crusty food bits for the hundredth time.

Splatter Tool Inside Microwave
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Meet the Hover Cover, a cheap and effective magnetic splatter guard. All you have to do is place the food-safe, BPA-free cover over your microwave-safe dish containing the food. Once you start the microwave, the Hover Cover's built-in steam vents will pull double duty by distributing heat evenly and preventing food particles from splattering outside the cover.

Not to mention, clean-up is quick and easy. Once you're done using the Hover Cover to reheat or defrost, its magnets will allow you to stick it to the roof of your microwave until you're ready to use it again. To remove stains from the actual cover, detach it from the top of the microwave and place it in the dishwasher. When it's clean, reaffix the splatter guard to its original position in the microwave for storage.

Splatter Tool Affixed Top of Microwave
Credit: Amazon

BUY IT: Allstar Innovations Hover Cover; $2.20 (add $1.99 for shipping);

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The Hover Cover is a real time-saver in the kitchen, but you better act fast so you won't miss out on this great deal. Keep in mind that all prices and savings listed in this article are as of publication and could fluctuate.